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  • General

  • What is GIS?

    A geographic information system (GIS) is a combination of hardware, software, and data that enables analysis of the location and characteristics of geographic phenomena.

  • Who is using GIS at the City of Houston?

    A short answer is “everyone”. GIS is used by many city departments because it provides decision makers with the tools necessary to answer complex geospatial questions. It integrates spatial and tabular information in a single consistent framework and it provides insight into patterns and spatial relationships within data that might not be obvious outside of a GIS.

  • What is ArcGIS?

    ArcGIS is a collection of GIS software products that provide the necessary tools to capture, manage, analyze, and displaying geographically referenced information. For a more complete explanation, visit

  • What is COHGIS dataset?

    COHGIS stands for City of Houston Geographic Information System. COHGIS dataset is a common GIS dataset published by many departments/business units at the City of Houston.

  • Who do I contact for COHGIS dataset questions?

    PD - Mapping
    Phone: 832.393.6555